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by Wen-Hsing Chiang Last Update: April 15, 2011

Books and computer software applications that I have co-authored are shown to the right. Click the images for more information.

  3D Groundwater Modeling with PMWIN, 2nd Edition. 3D Groundwater Modeling with PMWIN Numerical Simulation of Reactive Flow in Hot Aquifers A Survey of Methods for Groundwater Recharge in Arid and Semi-arid regions 3D Visualization and Real-Time Animation of Environmental Data Aquifer Simulation Model - An integrated groundwater flow and transport model package


April 2011: Seer3D 2 is released. Visit www.simcore.com for details.

June 2010: Processing Modflow 8 is released. Visit www.simcore.com for details.

Summer 2005:  The second edition of the popular book "3D-Groundwater with PMWIN" is published by Springer and is available on most major bookstores.
Spring, 2005: PMWIN (version 5.3), which is included in the first edition of the book "3D-Groundwater Modeling with PMWIN", is now freeware.

Winter 2004: A Tradinational-Chinese translation of the book "3D-Groundwater Modeling with PMWIN" is published. Click here for details.

Fall 2003: The book "Numerical Simulation of Reactive Flow in Hot Aquifers" is published by Springer Verlag. The book deals with the numerical simulation of reactive transport in porous media using the simulation package SHEMAT and Processing SHEMAT.  The latter is based on the version 5.0 of Processing Modflow. SHEMAT (Simulator for HEat and MAss Transport) is an easy-to-use, general-purpose reactive transport simulation code for a wide variety of thermal and hydrogeological problems in two or three dimensions. The enclosed companion CD-ROM contains the software and data for all of the case studies.

Seer3D is a 3D Visualization application currently under development. It is designed to incorporate data stored in various graphic formats into an informative 3D scene. This image shows an isosurface based on field measured values. The isosuface has been cut through by a cropping tool and the color-filled contours depict the concentration levels within the isosurface. A georeferenced raster image (aerial photo) and a vector graphic saved in the ESRI shapefile format are also displayed for spatial orientation. Visit www.simcore.com for details.


2D-Visualization within PMWIN. The site map is loaded from a bitmap file; the model grid from a DXF file. The concentration plume is animated within Processing Modflow.

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